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Equity for women is now state policy

For a Colombia with more empowered, safe and fearless women; We established the roadmap for the next 8 years so that in 2030 Colombia becomes the undisputed leader in Gender Equality.


Learn about the actions that we are leaving as a legacy for our Colombian women:

Houses of Empowered Women:


Our Empowered Women's Houses are a legacy for Colombian women, with a range of services designed to strengthen the leadership and empowerment of Colombian women. 

We achieved #MoreEmpoweredWomen

that benefit from the momentum that the articulated work of the public and private sectors achieves in order to advance towards equality for women.

Implementation of budget tracker

We implemented and carried out an exercise led by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the National Planning Department and the Presidential Council for Women's Equity, in order to have traceability of the resources invested in programs, actions and execution of the policy of women and thus establish a roadmap for its constant updating and optimization.

Chapter for the Equity of Women in the PND

For the first time we have included a chapter focused on women, claiming their rights through the establishment of goals, programs and resources aimed at carrying out actions that promote gender equality in the country.

Legislative agenda with a woman's stamp

We promote and carry out laws, actions and programs that allow the strengthening of measures that fight so gender equality becomes a fact today in the Colombian legislative agenda


The creation of the Autonomous Heritage, the incentives for the hiring of companies led by women in the Entrepreneurship Law, the Royalties Law with a gender focus and the incorporation of equal lists for positions of popular election, are some of the actions that are reality and allows us to have #MoreEmpoweredWomen