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Women without fear

We strengthened the protection of Colombian women, through the construction of different mechanisms that allow creating scenarios and providing safe spaces that prevent, protect and strengthen women.

We work for #MoreWomenWithoutFear


Learn about the actions that we are leaving as a legacy for our Colombian women:

Articulating Mechanism:

We put a stop to the resurgence of violence for reasons of sex and gender by creating a mechanism that brought together the best of the National Police, the Attorney General's Office, the Ministry of Health, the Ombudsman's Office, the Presidential Council for Children and Adolescents , the ICBF and the Ministry of Justice to coordinate strategies that benefited the safety of women.

Strengthening of Family Police Stations

Through Law 2126 of 2021, we regulated the creation, formation and operation of family police stations, thus achieving the strengthening of 72 Family Police Stations at a technical and technological level with the support of International Cooperation.


Through an initiative as innovative as INÉS, we work hand in hand with social organizations, rural men and women, sector unions, and public servants to strengthen coordination and collective work to guarantee women a life free of violence.