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Economic autonomy for women, for a future without gaps

Colombia is a Nation of Entrepreneurial Women, the economic development of Colombian women with the measures adopted to promote entrepreneurship and employment through instruments that manage to close gender gaps, contribute to a more equitable society and contribute to the economic reactivation of the country. This is how we include #MoreWomeninEconomics for a #FutureWithoutGaps .

Learn about the actions that we are leaving as a legacy for our Colombian women:

Women's Entrepreneurship Fund:

At the Women Entrepreneurship Fund, we finance, promote and support the entrepreneurship, formalization and business strengthening of our women.

The economic autonomy of Colombian women was benefited by accompanying them in technical and financial assistance to promote their business initiatives.

We incorporated the gender approach into the royalty law

Incorporating the gender approach in the royalty law, we financed those enterprises and projects led by women at the regional level to consolidate Colombia as a nation of women entrepreneurs.

More women in corporate governance

For a #FuturoWithoutGaps we created initiatives such as the 30% Club: a public-private alliance led by MasterCard, the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the Presidential Council for Women's Equity, a group of high-level female executives, representatives of the country's leading companies and CESA - Colegio de Estudios Superiores in order to promote Colombia's economic development by accelerating the growth of companies by encouraging their participation in the boards of directors of companies.

Around 2 million women benefited through government programs focused on generating entrepreneurship and employability opportunities for urban and rural women

We supported the generation of employment for 983,688 women, benefited 686,782 rural women entrepreneurs with national government subsidies and supported 160,081 women located in urban areas.

Pact for Equity for Rural Women

We have established a pact for our rural women in which we give impetus to their development, facilitating their access to education, employment and support for their enterprises through the articulation of all the efforts of the entities with the tools of the INÉS program.

Tax Reform with a Gender Approach

For the first time in Colombia, a tax reform incorporates and allocates incentives to promote the employment of women.