It seeks to recognize, make visible and thank the efforts of women in Colombia and the world, as agents of transformation through their work in favor of equity and the generation of opportunities for newer generations.

To carry out this tribute, pedagogical, playful and historical material will be prepared, it'll show the legacies of the 100 women who, throughout the past and today, have made a difference for Colombia with their legacy. Women whose work forged the pillars of the struggle for the political and economic rights of women in Colombia and which today is a source of inspiration for new generations.


The Esmeralda Arboleda distinction was created in 2021 to recognize people and public or private entities that with their work, commitment and contributions contribute to gender equality for women in Colombia. In the second installment of these recognitions, the "Esmeralda Arboleda Cadavid" Merit Distinction Council will choose the winners from the list of 100 women who are part of the 100 M Tribute, whose profile fits into the following categories:

1. For its role as an agent of change in the economic sphere.

2. Protagonist of the construction of peace and security.

3. Leadership in times of crisis.

4. For its role as an agent of change on the international agenda.

5. Collective Recognition Esmeralda Arboleda to La Concordia.

6. Promise Award, recognition of that woman who projects herself as an agent of change.

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The second installment of these awards seeks to recognize the results obtained by the most relevant actors at the national level. This edition of Colombia Without Glass Ceilings recognizes the commitment and effort of actors from the private sector and territorial entities with the empowerment, development and participation of women.

These recognitions are designed to make visible the commitment of different actors with the proposals and programs of the Vice Presidency and the Ministry, the objective is to recognize this commitment and motivate other actors to take action or be part of the change.


1. Company with more women on the board of directors or in leadership positions.

2. Mayor with the best results in the implementation of gender policies.
3. Government with more investment in gender policies.